No cellphone use while driving in Ireland

The Ireland Expert -- no cellphone use while driving in Ireland
Something to remember if you’re bringing a cellphone on your Irish vacation…

In a stunningly simple move, the Republic has banned the use of mobile phones while driving, except for dialing 999 or 112 for an emergency.

Fines of up to €60, plus 2 penalty points are assessed for Irish drivers violating the phone law. Visitors are responsible for all their own traffic tickets and fines.

Even using Bluetooth or other hands-free methods can lead to a fine if Gardai determine that it’s caused you to drive recklessly. A mobile in your pocket cannot be switched on, but it can be if in the glove box; passengers are allowed to use a cellphone while you are driving.

The rationale (so rational, why didn’t the U.S. think of it?) is that any kind of phone communication is distracting to a driver and can cause accidents. Their suggested solution is to pull over to the roadside to make or take a call. As for texting, fuggedaboutit.

More information about the law is here.

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