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Ireland.  It’s where I’m most comfortable, always ready to be amazed by raucous, youthful exuberance, inspired by stunning landscapes, frustrated by the labyrinthine bureaucracy.  It’s not the land of leprechauns and fairy forts that many first-time visitors expect. Though full of history and charm, it’s a sophisticated, high-tech country with its share of 21st century challenges. My passion is in helping visitors explore beyond the main attractions, go off the beaten path and experience the Real Ireland.


Mary O’Donovan Mahoney & my mother, Dolly Lyons

How am I an Ireland Expert?

As a 20-year old hospitality and tourism student, I was fortunate to be offered a summer hotel job by the legendary Brendan O’Reagan, developer of Shannon Airport, inventor of the Duty Free Zone. So began a lifelong attachment to the land and people of Ireland. I became a Foreign-born National in 1978 thanks to my grandmother, Mary Magdalene O’Donovan, who was born in West Cork in the 1880’s. For over 40 years now, I’ve traveled from Malin Head to Mizen Head, east to west, on an ongoing quest to discover new vistas and experiences in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Living in Cork for much of the year, I keep current with what’s new and fresh, as well as revisiting classic, well-loved destinations.  Restaurants, country houses, gardens, water parks…I’ll only recommend those that I or my colleagues in tourism have personally vetted.

A lifelong solo woman traveler, I’m sensitive to the desire for exploration and connection, and enjoy helping solo travelers strike a balance between autonomy and social interaction. Having lead groups throughout Ireland and the UK, Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska and the continental US, I can thoughtfully plan a well-paced itinerary for your group.

How we can work together:

Create your unique story of discovery in Ireland, based on the preferences of your group and yourself. Brainstorm with me to seek the facets of Celtic culture that speak to you; then craft a unique adventure that fits your personality and style.

As a professional travel counselor, I’m delighted to assist visitors to Ireland with:

> Itinerary planning day by day
> Detailed maps and directions on your route
> City guides, restaurant recommendations and reservations
> Genealogy connections
> Escorted, chauffeur-drive or self-drive tours
> Accommodation choices, from hostels to castles
> Family reunions and group golf, biking or literary excursions

Success for me is an email from clients asking for help arranging their return visit to Ireland, to experience more of the elusive charm and magnetism of the country.

So, lose the rose-colored glasses and hear an honest appraisal of the sites and experiences of Ireland that you’re thinking about. What will bring you joy and create a lasting longing for the moments and places where your dreams of Ireland were fulfilled?


Ask a question, make a comment or share your dream of Ireland, and I will contact you soon!


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