10 Things to Like about Limerick


Ten things to like about the Treaty City

Long considered a tough town on the way from Shannon to somewhere else, Limerick has become a much hipper place in recent years.

Here’s a compendium of 10 things I like about the New Limerick – seek them out, and discover some Limerick gems of your own!

King John's Castle

Super-cool place to bring kids -- lots of history from Viking times to the 21st century -- worth a look!

The George Boutique Hotel

Moderately-priced business hotel, central to all of downtown and the river. Friendly staff and a decent Italian restaurant onsite.

Milk Market

Beautiful array of artisanal foods and handcrafted items for a taste of modern Ireland.

Lena's Sewing and Craft Shop

Everything for the home sewer, knitter and crochet artiste. Mostly acrylic yarns but a nice assortment of wool as well as cotton threads. Friendly and helpful staff.

Number One Pery Square

Elegance personified...luxury boutique hotel and award-winning restaurant make this venue a worthwhile Limerick splurge.

Hook and Ladder

Trendy and intriguing combo of cafe, cookery school and furniture showroom - a growing chain.

Taikichi Japanese Restaurant_TheIrelandExpert.com

Taikichi Japanese Restaurant

Wonderful sushi and katsu dishes, superb for a quick takeaway....call ahead.

Taikichi Japanese Restaurant_TheIrelandExpert.com

Summer Accommodation - University of Limerick

Reasonably-priced self-catering rooms for summer occupancy at the beautiful and convenient UL campus just outside the city center.

Mother Mac's pub

Since 2015, a new take on the traditional Irish pub - craft beers, no TV!

The Hunt Museum

Unique collection of art and artifacts housed in a beautiful Georgian building with gardens.

The Ireland Expert vs Covid-19

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