Solo Travelers in Ireland

The Ireland Expert knows the ins-and-outs of Solo Travel in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. Train and bus schedules can be confusing; car rental contracts a quagmire of obfuscation.   We will help craft your Solo Traveler Itinerary to make the best use of your valuable time, energy and money!

The Ireland Expert helps Solo Travelers navigate their way around both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Whatever your interests and motivation for visiting Ireland on your own, you want to maximize your time, not waste it. The Ireland Expert helps you define your travel goals and plan activities that resonate with your deepest desires.

Adventurous women 55+

Apply now for Summer 2019!


Looking for an independent sojourn in Ireland, but appreciate having fellow-travelers available for exploring, shopping, a pub dinner on the town?

Apply for Ireland Residency 2019, a summer program that offers mature women a base in Cork during the summer. Included are:

  • Simple accommodation in shared apartments
  • Access to a full kitchen, lounge, and free wifi
  • Guidance from our Concierge Staff on activities, restaurants, excursions and more!
Franciscan Well brewery, Cork City

Choose your focus: genealogy, historic sites, art and culture, handmade crafts, the outdoors or just getting a feel for the country and its people. You may have the chance to meet our local friends in Ireland, who can suggest the newest art and cultural exhibitions worth seeing, recommend theatre performances or share afternoon tea at Bewley’s.

After consulting with The Ireland Expert, our Solo Travelers arrive in Ireland armed with a personalized list of options for accommodation, dining, theatre and cultural events. We’ll also share our favorite country walks, distilleries, music and wool shops, fashion centers and souvenir ideas.

Contact The Ireland Expert to share your Solo-Traveler Dream of Ireland!

For a modest fee, we will map out a custom itinerary that will save you time, money and travel anxiety. We help you make a success of your independent journey to the Land of Saints and Scholars!