Village Life

beara6A hallmark of Sustainable Travel is letting go of the need to “do everything, see everything, experience everything” in a particular destination. Depth, not breadth, is the touchstone of this approach to travel: having few goals except to immerse oneself in the sights, sounds, scents of a place, experiencing life as the inhabitants might, albeit through the filter of a visitor’s eyes.

Choose a rural farm retreat, village townhouse rental, B&B in a large central town, or a ‘green’ hotel in a big city: then dig deep into the life around you: get on a local bus, listen to the chat and perhaps join in. Ask a question – always a good way to start a conversation and learn about new restaurants and pubs, upcoming events and other hot topics.

Some choice locations in Ireland and the UK:
Kenmare, County Kerry: the ultimate ‘thriving market town’, central to the attractions of Ireland’s southwest, Kenmare has history, charm, cuisine and golf.