Responsible Travel

Travel that is not only restorative, but transformative.

We explore the world seeking modes of travel, foodways, accommodations and cultural experiences that foster sustainability, local immersion and life enrichment for our clients.

Don’t make these common traveler mistakes!

  • Trolling the Internet for the best deal,

  • Trusting the Big Guys with your precious vacation time,

  • Thinking that consulting a Travel Agent will cost you more.

Our mission: the best possible travel experience for you.

We collaborate with you or your group, let your dreams unfold, then plan an informed itinerary to suit your unique values, tastes and budget.


I loved the Alaska cruise with our brilliant fiber artist! Everything was planned so well: from the moment we landed at Seattle airport until we stepped off the cruise ship.  Your calm competence and thoughtful gestures were much appreciated!


Our expertise includes knowledge of destinations, assessment of local sustainable lodging, dining and tour options, complete in-house reservation services and more. We offer individual and group itineraries with an emphasis on meeting and interacting with local business owners, artists and craftspeople. And we’re there to support you for the duration of your trip.

Simple is best. Low-stress, high-touch travel includes slowing down to savor the sights, sounds, smells and feel of a place.

You may not see every artifact in every museum on your route, but you’ll take time to enjoy a slower pace, sip a pint of the local brew, or wait for a herd of cattle to cross the road.

Contact FastNet Travel now to brainstorm some ideas for your Sustainable Travel adventure!